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Currently at NIAS

Theme group on EU decision-making

What goes on in the European Parliament and the EU Council, might be mumbo-jumbo for most, but a team of interdisciplinary scholars at NIAS is trying to make sense of EU decision-making and voting behaviour by using computer models and simulations developed in the natural sciences.  

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Application deadlines 2015-2016

NIAS Fellowships for non-Dutch scholars
15 April 2014

NIAS Research Theme Groups
15 April 2014

NIAS-L'Oréal-UNESCO Fellowship
11 May 2014

EURIAS Fellowship
5 June 2014

NIAS Fellowships for Dutch scholars
15 August 2014

Application deadlines for 2016/17 will be announced in January 2015.

Please note: NIAS is expected to move from Wassenaar to the centre of Amsterdam, in the summer of 2016.

"NIAS is the perfect working environment for me at this point in my research. It provides facilities as well as peace and quiet to inspire the sustained levels of concentration needed to explore projects in more depth and go beyond just writing one or two essays." (Henkjan Honing, Distinguished Lorentz Fellow 2013-2014)

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