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Golestan Foundation and Fellowships

The Golestan Fellowship is for researchers from the medical or biological sciences including clinical psychiatry. The fellowship is funded by a legacy from the late Prof.  Dr. Med. Kenower Weimar Bash, a Swiss psychiatrist, who was a NIAS Fellow during the academic year 1973/74. The Golestan Foundation manages the estate.

About the Golestan Fellowship

Golestan Fellowships are available for non-Dutch scholars only. Successful applicants should be engaged in fundamental research in the medical or biological sciences and should have a specialization which would make it profitable for them to work in an international setting and be in daily contact with scholars who carry out advanced research in the humanities and social sciences. They should already have made a significant contribution to their field of research.

Practical Information

  • The Golestan foundation offers either one fellowship of 10 months or two fellowships of 5 months every two years.
  • The fellowship is for non-Dutch scholars carrying out research in the medical or biological sciences that is related to clinical psychiatry, clinical psychology or developmental psychology.
  • The Golestan residential fellowship at NIAS includes studio or subsidised accommodation (see also Facilities for Fellows), a personal study, research facilities, one international return ticket and a monthly stipend depending on financial circumstances and academic seniority (maximum €3800).

Application and Selection

  • Golestan Fellowships are by nomination only
  • The scholarly Committee and the NFA Board may nominate, and the NIAS directorate can put forward suitable researchers from regular NIAS fellowship applications that were sent for external review
  • The Board of the Golestan Foundation, the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences in consultation with the Rector of NIAS select the Golestan Fellow.

Current and former fellows

2016/17 Sarah Durston

2015/16 Nexhmedin Morina

2014/15 Melissa Green

2011/12 Michael Potegal

2005/06 Eugene Fischer

2000/01 Daniel Bar-Tal

1999/00 Paul van den Broek

1998/99 Benny Shannon

1996/97 Gian Capara

1995/96 Theodore Wachs

1993/94 Çiğdem Kağitçibaşi

1992/93 Albert Rothenberg

About the Golestan Foundation

Professor Kenower Weimar Bash, a Swiss psychiatrist who had worked extensively in Iran, was a fellow at NIAS in 1973/74. On his death in 1986, Professor Bash left his estate to the NIAS Fellows' Association (NFA) and the Golestan Foundation was set up to administer his estate. His wished to fund a fellowship and install a Persian Garden in the grounds at NIAS in memory of his wife. Golestan is the Persian word for rose garden.

NIAS-Golestan Foundation partnership

Prof. Med. Kenower Weimar Bash found his fellowship at NIAS in 1973/74 so fruitful that he wanted other researchers from abroad to benefit as he had. He left money in his will to encourage researchers from abroad to come to NIAS as fellows. The Golestan foundation was set up in 1991. It is managed by NIAS and overseen by the NIAS Fellows' Association (NFA).

Rozentuin NIAS (10)_460.jpg

All photographs (c) by Dennis van de Water

ANBI details

The Golestan Foundation Board consists of:

  • Prof. dr. Paul van den Broek, Chair
  • Prof. dr. Michiel Westenberg, Treasurer
  • Prof. dr. Volker Manuth, Secretary
  • Advisors: a member of the NFA and the Rector of NIAS (both non-voting).

The board members do not receive remuneration.

The Golestan Foundation does not have employees. Administrative support is given by NIAS. This service is given free of charge.


- co-finance a Golestan Fellowship in the field of medicine or biological sciences;
- support of NIAS activities such as publishing the Uhlenbeck Lecture.

Financial paragraph:

Financial Annual Report 2015 


Golestan Foundation
Korte Spinhuissteeg 3
Postal Address: PO Box 10855
1011 EW Amsterdam
RSIN: 8025.98.158


Last updated: 12-12-2016

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